~ the diarrhea of self ~

I don’t hear anyone use the word “diarrhea” anymore. “Well yeah. That’s kid’s stuff. We’re adults now, graagh, we use grown-up words like horsefucker and shithole, since they make us sound more sophisticated, god knows how.”

Seriously, though, it’s funny how diarrhea was one of those words that I used to throw around a lot when I was maybe, uh, six years old? Five? I knew exactly what it meant at the time, too. My friends and I,  we all did, and we all enjoyed using it for crude jokes. We comfortably compensated our lack of the word “shit” with a medical condition derived from Greek. Then again, we were the Jurassic Park generation that had no problem memorizing scientific dinosaur names (to this day I can flawlessly spell “Pachycephalosaurus” – and that’s beyond Microsoft spellcheck).

But to use diarrhea in everyday conversation is crude, yes. It’s never a pleasant word; it’s no joking matter, either, being the second most common cause of infant deaths worldwide. Wikipedia told me that. You know what else Wikipedia tells me? That the Greek term “diarrhea” means “flowing through”.

I’m not much of a blog person. There are many blogs I appreciate – theme blogs, character/humor blogs, informative blogs, or blogs of both famous and non-famous people who just have a lot of worthwhile stuff to say. But I’m not much of a blog person. I don’t go out of my way to look for blogs, and I’m often lazy to try new recommended ones – usually just sticking in my comfort zone with those I know. Often I think, “man, most blogs are full of shit (and I’m sure all who use the internet have had that exact thought at least once). Diary? Try diarrhea.” *rimshot*

And on the writing end? Similar sentiment. I’ll tell you right now a few things I expect this blog to be – infrequent, inconsistent, oft-abandoned. But I’ll work on it. I hope I will. I need to write more; the first step of writing, cliche as it sounds, really is just finding it in you to put your words out there. Write your first draft with your heart, rewrite with your head, says William Forrester. Punch the damn keys and you’re the man now, dog.

Writers blog because it gets the words flowing through. Oh, you see what I did thar?

The other day, I was annotating a story I’d written – a disgustingly conceited self-congratulatory hobby, but at the same time justifiable, since as proud as we are of the many little references and inspirations we can so cleverly hack into our work, if we don’t keep track then we’ll forget some of them. Still, there’s quite a bit of patting-yourself-on-the-back involved, and so I named it sincerely “the diarrhea of self-annotation”. I thought of how much fun it was to use the word diarrhea as a substitute for diary, and thought, “yeah, so since I’m a hack I’ll call my blog this”.

Now I quite like the title, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s actually something I’ll have to work to live up to. I need to realize myself on the page more often, need to get the ideas and thoughts and sentences and images flowing, or I’ll never really be good at this writing thing.

And if none of that is accomplished, I’ll just erase this entry and define this site by the title’s more negative connotation towards blogging. But I hope that’s not the case. There’s tons of stuff out there I could write.

Like 600 words defending my use of “diarrhea”.


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